Whether it's for relaxation or pain relief, massage is the best answer. Some of our specialties include treatment of: 

- carpal/cubital tunnel

- migraines

- sciatica

- tennis/golfer's elbow

- thoracic outlet syndrome

Free add-ons: KT tape, cupping, aromatherapy or topical CBD/BioFreeze products 

Simultaneous massage/couples massage is not currently being offered. Post-covid we only have one massage therapist.


Be the best version of yourself with a hands-off approach to balancing energy and well being. 

Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting offers a variety of treatments that use organic ingredients [clay, herbs, charcoal, ice, metal/wooden tools] and holistic techniques to transform your body [or face] without any recovery time.

We are one of a handful of certified practitioners in Chicagoland/Illinois who offer treatments by a specialist in the PureSculpt & WoodSculpt technique.

Both techniques are available for men or women, and are beneficial for aesthetic use by decreasing stubborn inches, or therapeutically to aid in athletic recovery time. 

- Wood therapy is used for body only and is best used for decongestion of the tissue, creating a firm look. Also ideal for boosting the immune system and aiding in athletic recovery.

- Ice/metal therapy can be either used on body or face and is best suited to remove unwanted inches [ideal for maintenance and post-surgical use] or athletes looking to increase the oxygen level to their cells. 

Prep for your appointment and expectations during/after treatment can be found here

Nutritional Coaching

The add on to keep you looking your best in between sculpting appointments- or just because. Consultations available over the phone or in-person.


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