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Bamboo Stick Massage

The History

Wood therapy- Developed in Asia decades ago, wood therapy was used for a variety of therapeutic purposes. Colombia adopted the process and revolutionized the beauty industry in the early 90's.

WoodSculpt- A product designed in 2013 and is the newest form of wood therapy available. It has been designed to help facilitate healing by boosting the immune system and decongesting stagnant lymph fluid. Our unique protocol will warm up targeted zones on the body to help break apart stubborn fat and smooth out unwanted bulges. Woodsculpt® will help jumpstart the metabolism and has a firming effect on the skin, as it activates the production of elastin/collagen, toning, sculpting and improving blood circulation. 

Ice therapy- Developed by the Romans, ice therapy has been used for thousands of years to decrease inflammation as well as to reduce fevers, muscle pain and other acute injury to the tissue. 

PureSculpt- A product that helps trigger thermogenesis which will help burn stored fat and mold your body the way you want. Puresculpt is a combination of clays, oils and herbs to help restore your body and is designed to not only reduce measurements, but to tone the skin, help with elasticity, diminish coloring of stretch marks, reduce measurements, leaving the skin silky smooth and so much more.

Puresculpt™ is the only treatment at the moment that targets specific areas of the body organically in one treatment. Clients have lost 2 to 4 inches in just one session and their skin and cellulite has diminished. This treatment works to combine and improve the fat burning action and reaffirming the skin without diet or exercise.
The active ingredients absorb into your body and dispose of toxins, firming, toning, activating the production of collagen and elastin. This activation is giving oxygen to the cells, revitalizing the skin and boosting the immune system. These herbs and clays will aid in dissolving fat deposits, so skin looks firmer and cellulite free. And best of all, its organic!

  • Firmness in your body

  • Burns stored fat

  • Molds your body to how you want it

  • Diminishes coloring of stretch marks

  • Smoother skin

  • Diminishes cellulite

  • Boosts your energy & immune system

Relaxing Facial

MetalSculpt-  MetalSculpt™ Tools are considered  the most innovative in Organic Body Sculpting. They were created in 2019 and are one of a kind, not to be found anywhere else in the world.

The MetalSculpt™ Tools are made out of Medical Grade Stainless steel, making them hypoallergenic and perfect for all skin types, [even sensitive skin], unlikely to cause any reaction.

They were designed with a material that has a low heat conductivity for amplifying our PureSculpt Body Ice experience. 


5 Body ice options available:

- Toning: sculpt, tone & energize

- Charcoal: cleanses & detoxifies

- Detox: cellular detox

- Cellulite: stimulating & anti-inflammatory

- PostSculpt Ice Now Available! Gentle enough for our post-op clients and ideal for athletic recovery.

4 Facial Ice options available:

- Anti-aging: radiance & circulation

- Charcoal: rejuvenating & cleansing

- Detox: brighten & tighten

- Lavender: glow & tone

Wood therapy is available for the body only. Ice is available for the face or body and may be used in tandem with metal tools. 

All treatments available for men or women.


The Science


Ice treatments are contraindicated for the following:

- Same day tandem treatments [eg cavitation]

- Pregnancy/breastfeeding

- Active or contagious skin infections

Wood/metal treatments are contraindicated for the following:

- Recent surgery

- Hernias

- Diuretic use

- Any fatal or advanced disease

- Pregnancy/breastfeeding

- Varicose veins

- Active or contagious skin infections


Open wounds or any area with deep stretch marks, bruising, broken capillaries or spider veins is avoided. 

Any questions about eligibility for treatment should be directed to your doctor.

Any client with one or more of the listed contraindications, still looking to receive treatment, may contact their physician and email a doctor's note before the appointment. 

Before & After
Toning Body Ice Treatment
Detox Body Ice  Treatment
Facial Tools
Facial Ice
Before & After

Coming Soon! 

The appointment

All appointments are structured with time built-in for verbal intake and consultation, before & after pictures, as well as client changing time and prep, e.g. 1 hour appointments are 45 minutes in hands-on duration, with the remaining time for the above. 

Pre-treatment Prep

Do not eat for at least two hours before the treatment.  

Please drink a half gallon of water before treatment [stopping 2 hours before].

Take a shower to rinse off skin impurities and DO NOT APPLY LOTION to any treatment area(s).

Self-tanning clients should thoroughly exfoliate.

Facial Ice clients should have no makeup or product on the skin. 


Any concern or questions about pre-existing conditions or current medication use have been directed to your doctor.

Treatment Expectations


Ice of your choice is applied. The first few minutes are the coldest with your body quickly adjusting to the temperature.

No privacy sheet is provided. This is to increase the thermogenic response.

Shivering is expected and helps speed the thermogenic process.

Client is left for clay to dry and may towel off excess. 

Facial Ice clients are provided a sheet and may remain clothed from the waist down.


Metal tools are offered alone or in conjunction for face or body and serve the same purpose as the wood tools.


All treatments: We supply disposable underwear for women; however, most like to bring their own top & bottom for a better fit and more comfortable treatment. 

Additionally we ask that men bring an old pair of shorts to wear during any treatment.

Dark-colored clothing and undergarments are advised for during and after treatments. 

Ice treatments: We recommend bringing undergarments to receive the treatment in and then something to change into post-treatment-- old swimsuits are ideal for during the treatment.



Pre-treatment Prep


Do not eat for at least two hours before the treatment.  

Please drink a half gallon of water before treatment [stopping 2 hours before].

Take a shower to rinse off skin impurities and DO NOT APPLY LOTION to any treatment area(s).

Self-tanning clients should thoroughly exfoliate.

Any concern or questions about pre-existing conditions or current medication use have been directed to your doctor.

Treatment Expectations


Oil is applied, then a number of different types of wooden tools are massaged over problem areas. 

Mild sensation of heat in the affected area being treated is the most common experience.

A privacy sheet is provided.

Post-treatment & Follow-up

Within 48 hours, you should experience decreased inflammation and pain with increasing energy levels. 

Mild bruising or detox symptoms [excessive bathroom use, headaches, nausea, fatigue, soreness, etc] can be expected. 

Lighter meals and proper fluid intake [an additional half gallon of water] will help reduce reoccurrence and create longer lasting results.

Light workouts may be done directly after receiving the treatment.

Please report any bruising larger than a quarter.


Post-treatment & Follow-up


Lighter meals, proper fluid intake [an additional half gallon of water], or at-home dry brushing will help reduce reoccurrence and create longer lasting results.

Please don't be exposed to any type of heat for at least 3 hours post treatment [workouts are ok the following day].

No hot liquids for 6 hours.


You can shower immediately after [with cold water], or, you may leave the clay on for the remainder of the day and shower before bed.

Please report any excessive detox reaction, e.g. nausea, fatigue, etc.

Coming Soon! 

The results

Results are seen after one treatment, however, a minimum of 3 sessions is advised. For any client looking for a more extensive transformation or to make their results more permanent, 12 sessions [done weekly] is advised. 

Sculpting can usually be done up to 3x/week, depending on the treatment response and desired goal. Any special event, e.g. vacation, wedding etc, should utilize the treatment frequency of 3x/week, stopping 1-2 weeks before the event. 

Results vary from person to person and can be impacted by hormone levels, fluid intake, medications etc. However, results have been known to last a year [when 12 weekly sessions were consecutively performed, and paired with better lifestyle maintenance, diet and exercise].

Touch-ups are based solely on individual need and can be performed for cosmetic or therapeutic purposes. However, incorporating maintenance treatments, as a healthy add-on to your existing skincare or workout routine, are encouraged.

Consultations are recommended for any new client, so we can see the treatment area and recommend the best option for the desired goal. 

Nutritional counseling is available for those wishing to modify their current lifestyle habits to help them achieve longer-lasting results.


Don't forget to check out our FAQ page for additional policies & procedures..

Photo Gallery

Cubed Rollers

Cubed Rollers

WoodSculpt Tools

WoodSculpt Tools

WoodSculpt Tools

WoodSculpt Tools

Body Ice

Body Ice

Cellulite Ice

Cellulite Ice

PostSculpt Ice For Post-Op & Athletes

PostSculpt Ice For Post-Op & Athletes

Toning Body Ice Treatment

Toning Body Ice Treatment

Toning Body Ice & Metal Tools

Toning Body Ice & Metal Tools

Charcoal Body Ice Treatment

Charcoal Body Ice Treatment

Lavender Facial Ice

Lavender Facial Ice

Facial Tools

Facial Tools

Detox & anti-aging Ice Facial

Detox & anti-aging Ice Facial

Charcoal Ice Facial

Charcoal Ice Facial

Charcoal Facial

Charcoal Facial

Ice Explained

The Ice Explained..


Anti-Aging Facial Ice

The most gentle and high end ingredients to give a radiant glow.  Our rose clay and special herbal formulation is gentle enough for all skin types. This ice facial will activate blood circulation allowing for firmer skin.​


Detox Facial Ice

Brightens the skin while lifting and tightening.  Our variety of herbs and clays will diminish impurities in your skin, while giving a slimming effect to the face.  Puresculpt Detox is created with bentonite clay which, has more than 35 minerals that will help fortify your skin.  Acne prone skin benefits from this facial,  from reducing swelling, itching and drying break outs.   


Charcoal Facial Ice 

Powerfully draws out black heads and toxins, while  nourishing the skin, activating blood flow and allowing for more oxygen to the cells.  This unique ice facial has a boost of green tea to energize and revitalize the skin.  ​


Lavender Facial Ice

Our newest ice facial- It is filled with lavender, chamomile, calendula, rose petals and essential oils for a glowing and toned look, while helping heal wounds and impurities. The combination of unique clays in this ice facial help nourish and fortify the skin.  


Toning Body Ice 

The signature body sculpting ice which sculpts, slims and tones the skin. The key ingredient in this unique body ice is our red clay. The red color in the clay indicates high levels of iron, which tones, purifies, brightens, and strengthens the skin. 


Detox Body Ice 

A formulation which helps draw out impurities and slim the body. Our unique body ice has specially selected herbs, clays & essential oils to energize the body. This body sculpting ice has an abundance of bentonite clay, which is formed from ash made from volcanoes. This invigorating body ice gives a boost of energy with our secret ingredient. 


Charcoal Body Ice

Helps cleanse, detox and slim. This unique body ice is a one a kind in the world. Our activated charcoal body ice is infused with herbs, such as chamomile, zen leaves, and a combination of invigorating herbs to nourish the skin. The key ingredient in this unique body ice is our activated charcoal, which allows for drawing out toxins. 


Cellulite Body Ice

A combination of all of our clays, caffeinated herbs and luscious oils to help improve the appearance of cellulite. The combination of high end ingredients like pure Colombian coffee grounds, green tea, black tea, rosemary and mate are rich in caffeine to provide a smooth appearance on the skin, with actual coffee grounds to help exfoliate dead skin cells.



Postsculpt™ is our newest ice that gives the ultimate chill factor. It not only is designed for post op care but also for pre + post workout. It is the ultimate tool for inflammation reduction and temporary pain relief. Our arnica + calendula infusion joined with aloe vera, eucalyptus and many more beneficial ingredients will bring the ultimate soothing and cooling relief. 



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