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-- For new AND existing clients, your appointment will always consist of a brief pre-consultation [this allows us to design the best experience for you], the hands-on treatment, and a post consultation [expectations & questions].

--YOUR APPOINTMENT TIME IS THE STARTING TIME OF THE TREATMENT. To avoid losing any treatment time, we recommend arriving in the reception area 10-15 mins earlier than your scheduled appointment. Out of respect to other clients, and to avoid wait times, clients arriving late, will only be eligible to receive treatment in the remaining appointment window. 

--Contact us directly through call, text, or email [not social media] for any questions, cancellations or appointment requests. Most calls are returned promptly, but please allow up to 24 hours. For the fastest response, send a text or email with your name, the requested treatment and what day and/or time you prefer. If you call and do not leave a message, the call will not be returned.

-- Most of our treatments use oil, clay or charcoal, so please be aware that delicate or light-colored fabrics might be stained. We suggest wearing dark-colored, loose fitting clothing. 

-- Any preferences or allergies need to be made when scheduling. Most of our lotion and oil is free from the 8 common allergens. Ingredient lists for our products are available upon request. 

-- Magnets are present in our contouring treatment room.

-- All therapists are state-licensed massage therapists or cosmetologists- both equally trained in body contouring.

-- Credit cards are accepted. Payment can be provided when scheduling or after the service. Cash is acceptable, however, our therapists do not carry cash to make change. If you are paying with a credit card, please be aware that our processing company applies a service charge. Venmo now accepted. 

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Do I need an appointment?

Yes. Many of our clients set up appointments 2-3 weeks in advance to stay on a schedule; therefore, rarely are same day, or next day, appointments accepted. We do however, have a wait list for clients seeking first availability.

Groupon appointments unable to schedule on a Friday, may request a refund from Groupon [before their voucher expiration date]. 

Online scheduling and payment has been disabled at this time. Additionally, due to co-vid, limited appointments and wait times may apply.

Is there an elevator in the building?

Yes there is an elevator in the building. For clients requiring any further assistance, please document them in your intake paperwork, or you may call/email us. 

Do you accept insurance?

Unfortunately, not at this time. However, upon request we can email notes and receipts to the client being treated [sent to the email on file], that can then be sent to your insurance or doctor.

Please let us know when making a massage appointment if this will be submitted for any type of accident, e.g. workers comp or collision. We prefer working in tandem with our affiliated chiropractic offices for any clients involved in an accident.

How many treatments do I need?

No matter the service, the amount of treatments depends on what is trying to be achieved and will vary from person to person. It takes months, or years in some cases, for conditions to develop,  therefore, most conditions take multiple treatments to undo the pattern created by the body and require some type of maintenance.

Do you offer any treatments for children?

Any modality can be customized to fit the individual need. If making an appointment for anyone under 18 years of age, a consent form must be signed. The parent does have to accompany the minor in the room during treatment. 

Cancellation Policy

We kindly ask that you cancel no less than 24 hours in advance. Excessive cancellations may result in a nonrefundable prepayment or deposit.

If it is UNDER 24 hours, you will no longer be able to cancel online. You may email us or text/call.

Any prepaid appointment, may be rescheduled up to 3 times without penalty.

Co-vid Policies

All clients are required to complete a co-vid screen before entering any appointment. Clients must not have had symptoms or been exposed to the virus at any point within the last two weeks. Additionally out of respect to fellow colleagues and clients, no contagious clients will be treated, as this is a contraindication for any treatment. Masks are required to enter the building as well as to receive treatment. 

We are currently using masks, air purifiers, and hospital grade sanitizers. Professionally laundered linens are provided for each client. 

Most clients qualify for the body ice treatment 3 days to 2 weeks after their procedure. Wood treatments are recommended minimum 3  (to 6 max) months post-surgery.

At minimum, sutures [if present] should have been removed and adequate healing of the area has taken place, with no potential for any wound to open.

All questions about post-treatments and maintenance treatments should be directed towards your plastic surgeon or the treatment center you visited.

How soon can I receive a treatment after my procedure?
Do I need a doctor's note to receive the treatment?

No. However, should you have any of the listed contraindications, we request a note from your plastic surgeon or treatment center, qualifying you as a candidate.

If you are coming from one of our affiliated surgeons or centers, no note is necessary, we will reach out to them with any questions- and document your file accordingly.

When do I schedule my appointment?

Some surgeons want treatments performed at a specific point, e.g. 1 week, 3 days etc. depending on the procedure performed. We ask that you schedule with us as soon as your doctor has recommended the treatment and when you know your anticipated surgery date, so we can accommodate the requested time frame.

Do you offer packages or subscriptions?

Yes, we offer offer packages and are considered our best value, however, we recommend receiving a treatment before purchasing a package. Packages [and gift certificates] are non-refundable and expire 365 days from the purchase date.

Prepaid appointments may reschedule up to 3 times without penalty. After that, the client will be charged for the appointment. 

Subscriptions are coming soon!

Groupon Appointments are available Friday only
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Hours of Operation

By Appointment Only

We are closed most major holidays.

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